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Gentleman’s bulletproof pocket square

Reykjavik designer Sruli Recht is selling a limited number of these kevlar pocket squares made from “military grade lemon aramid” fiber. For some reason, he calls it “DÆmdur,” which apparently means “The Damned .”

6 thoughts on “Gentleman’s bulletproof pocket square

  1. The description text from the website implies no field testing was done. So, caveat emptor on novelty defense items.

  2. Slightly amusing.
    First, there are no bulletproof vests.
    If we pretend someone would actually think about using it as protection:
    It says it takes 7 layers to provide protection. If you fold the 270mm square into 8 equal layers it would supposedly protect 135mm x 67mm. If you prefer to fold it stylishly, it would barely protect your left ventricle.

    1. …I don’t think the designer, or many of his potential customers, actually expect the thing to offer meaningful ballistic protection. It’s just, you know, kinda clever and cool. Possibly a conversation starter, or a nice gift for someone who’s into materials science or something.

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