Backlit-button-lovers of the world – behold the most massive monome yet. The “512” is a super limited production run from pro-maker Brian Crabtree’s Catskill,NY based workshop, and sports the meticulous build quality typical to the monome brand. Check out more pics from his manufacturing process over @

And for those still wondering what the deal is with all these button grids – consider the following introduction from sam_square –

6 thoughts on “512 buttons of monome

    1. That’s pretty awesome, but I find it hard to think about 1024 without wanting to just jump ahead to 2048.

      Beautiful build, too. I think walnut/aluminum are my favorite wood/metal combination.

  1. 1024? 2048? guys, c’mon – i don’t wanna actually ‘know’ how many buttons my monome has – it’s all about the “*” !

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