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CRAFT: Bloom
forgetmenotlarge.jpg Lovely Forget-Me-Nots. Not really wild, but still pretty and dainty volunteers.
Last weekend I was lucky enough to get out into the nearby forest, where I discovered an amazing array of wild flowers peeking out of the rich, damp earth. Since then it’s rained, rained, and rained, so I feel especially lucky that I found this flowery cornucopia when I did.
bulbplantnumber2.jpgMystery bulb plant. I await the bloom with enthusiasm.
redwoodsorrelpink.jpg Redwood Sorrel or Oregon Oxalis (Oxalis oregana).
One of my New Year’s goals was to learn about native flowers in my Northern California habitat, as well as to experiment with macro shots of flowers for inclusion in the curated county fair Photography Exhibit — in past years I’ve had 3 photos accepted, but so far no ribbons :-(. So this discovery practically in my own backyard provided the perfect opportunity to start my study and practice my photo-taking. There are lots more photos after the jump!

pinktrilliumlarge.jpg The three-leaved trillium in full bloom. Abundant in redwood forests, lucky for us!

trillium3leaves.jpg redplantsmall.jpg

Trillium without a bloom and a mystery red-leafed plant.
whitetrillium.jpgTrillium with a white bloom. I’ve heard that when the flower is white it’s an old bloom. Can anyone confirm?
wildorchidduo.jpg A fantastic duo of wild orchids.
I haven’t had time to identify all of the flowers, but I’m confident some readers out there will be able to offer up the Latin and/or garden-variety names. Please post any pertinent info you have in the Comments. And I’m hoping to post an update once the mysterious bulb plants bloom and I snap a closeup shot.
Next week I’ll write about a bunch of cheap and easy gardening tricks that can help you get your yard really blooming in no time. Happy Spring!
yellowpoppy.jpgSome kind of yellow violet, maybe downy or round-leaved?

rarebrownorchid.jpg fernbud.jpg

A rare (or so I’ve been told) brown orchid, and an emerging fern frond.
wildstrawberry.jpg Wild strawberry. I think these are non-fruit-bearing.
minerslettuce.jpg Miner’s Lettuce, totally edible and yummy!
trillium2pink.jpgAnother pink trillium.


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