DIYPad_badge.jpg– It’s quite the environmentally-friendly device:
* Arsenic-free display glass
* BFR-free
* Mercury-free LCD display
* PVC-free
* Recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure

– The display assembly comes off fairly easily, no need for a heat gun!

– The main board is secured to the back panel by T3 Torx screws. “We have never seen Apple use screws with a bit this small before.”

– The logic board was made by AT&S. We haven’t seen “Apple’s PCB manufacturers brand their boards before.”

– The markings on the A4 processor: N26CGM0T 1007 APL0398 33950084 YNL184A2 1004 K4X2G643GE.The K4X2 is a Samsung DRAM part number! This means the A4 processor is probably being manufactured by Samsung.

– The WiFi/Bluetooth card is integrated into the dock connector cable.

– Dual speakers provide mono sound. Two small sealed channels direct sound toward three audio ports carved into the bottom edge of the iPad. The audio-out jack provides stereo sound, of course.

– “Confirming our suspicions from yesterday, the battery integrates two separate 3.75V lithium polymer cells wired in parallel for such ample battery life.”

– The display seems to be glued around its perimeter but can still be removed from the plastic framework.

iPad Teardown