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Sweet sounds of the 8-bit Shruti-1


Mobile music software developer Olivier Gillet recently turned his focus to hardware, founding the new Mutable Instruments brand. Mutable’s first device, the Shruti-1 uses an ATMega328p (of Arduino fame) and implements a number of features found in pro-level synths, including – arpeggiator, patch memory, assignable modulation, a step sequencer, & MIDI in/out. This all results in some fine waveforms –

Sweet Shruti-1 dreams by mutable.instruments

So far, the Shruti’s only been available as a very limited run kit, but those interested in building one of their own can find the relevant source, schematics, & PCB files on github. [via Create Digital Music]

In the Maker Shed:


MidiVox shield for Arduino

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