You may remember Charlie Visnic (Fullerton, CA). We posted about his 64 (Video) Fingers project, software he developed for the monome hardware controller. He recently emailed to tell us about his latest project, a website he calls “B-Roll: One Creative Thing a Day:”

I am attempting to do one creative project a day as well as quit smoking at the same time, and today marks my first month! Recent projects have include Thomas Allen-inspired sci-fi pop-up book cover art, a praxinoscope made from old cigarette packs, a sculpture of a half octopus/half orca, cold cathode light painting, analog modular synth patches, interview profiles with interesting people I meet, and a random assortment of other mixed media art projects. I was inspired by by mapmap from the Dustbreeding.com who accomplished a full year of projects not too long ago. It’s my goal to get there as well, and I feel good about it. Thanks for checking me out!

Great job, Charlie. And good luck with the smoking cessation. I’ve been there! Tough stuff. What a great, and positive way to see yourself through.

Today’s (April 8, Day 32) project was the above “3D Zoetrope Experiment,” built with toothpicks, glue, printed images, and constructed on an LP and turntable:

32 frames of video spinning at 45 rpm filmed with a camera at 24 fps with a high shutter speed = magic. I filmed it with my 7D and the rolling shutter was a major issue for this experiment, so everything looks like its leaning over to one side. Still, it looks pretty cool in my opinion. Also the audio you hear in the video is the actual audio that goes with the video clips on the record.

B-Roll: One Creative Thing a Day

Monome’s 64 (video) fingers