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DIY word clock kits

Back in September, Matt blogged about the QLOCKTWO text-display clock from high-end German design firm Biegert & Funk. If you like their version, one can be yours right now for the low, low price of €885, which is about $1200US as of this writing. Matt mentioned, in his original post, that the design “could be a fun remake.”

And, as MAKE readers are prone to do when presented with a challenge, one of you stepped up.

Australian Doug Jackson not only re-made the QLOCKTWO, he published an Instructable describing how he did it. Now, in grand open-source tradition, Doug is offering supplies for those who want the DIY version. He’ll sell you a complete handmade clock (at about a fifth the cost of the designer version), a complete kit to build your own clock, or just the controller in case you want to skin it yourself. Kudos, Doug!

7 thoughts on “DIY word clock kits

    1. Actually I heard they broke up – she’s w/ Woz now … ithink.

      Very much digging the PCB in this kit – looks handmade!

      1. Or is it Doug+Woz?

        I saw the Woz, too, but then woz is in two, too. But not in a tutu.

        That just got strange…

  1. Doug’s chosen to go with a 13 by 13 layout. The QCLOCKTWO goes with 11 by 11.

    13^2 has given Doug lots of space for extra hidden words of course, as the QCLOCKTWO has as well.

    How small can you get, maintaining the square layout?

    10 by 10 is easy, can anyone fit it into 9 by 9?

  2. I dont know how to add attachments here, but I took the pdf from the instructable and edited it 48 times to make a jpg for every 15 minutes. Then put all the pictures onto a photo frame. The photo frame is set to move to the next photo every 15 minutes. How can I post a photo of my finished product here?

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