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Ferns are one of the most structurally interesting plants on earth. Some are tiny with a a delicate, etherial frond. Others are enormous and leathery with a prehistoric look. I have always loved them, so much in fact, that when I made my bridal bouquet I used only ferns and not a single flower. Here are 8 amazingly unique ferns that are growing in my woodland garden.

The fronds on this beauty are so interesting. The new growth begins red, and then gradually turns to green.
This fern is one like none I have ever seen. The pale leaf with the black stem is amazing.
The tiny round leaves on the frond’s of the button fern are my absolute favorite. This fern was the inspiration for my wedding bouquet.
This fluffy frond looks more like a baby pine tree than a fern, but it is a type of fern often called an asapragus fern. The new growth is such a lovely bright green.
These ferns are super tiny, and each frond grows from the earth one at a time. The biggest frond in this photo is 2 inches long.
This is a classic structure for a garden fern, and it’s leathery leaves are able to take a bit more sun than the shade loving fragile versions.
The serrated edges on this fern are so intricate. They look as if someone cut each leaf by hand.

8 thoughts on “The Perfection of Ferns

  1. I would love to see a photo of your bouquet (or a close approximation) I’m having trouble picturing a wedding bouquet out of ferns :-S

  2. I’d love to share. My photographs are on 10 discs, but honestly, I’d love nothing more than to spend some time digging through them for you! Tomorrow I’ll post what I can find, and the story of how I came to use ferns. Cheers!

  3. Hey Brookelynn,
    Congratulations on your wedding! I applaud you for daring to be different ;)!
    Your woodland looks like it has at least five ferns that I haven’t seen here in our PA woods, so you’ve inspired me to keep looking!
    Thanks for sharing.

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