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Tomatoes the new biofuel?

This LED table lamp, by designer Cygalle Shapiro, is powered by the tomatoes sitting next to it. Probably this is not an efficient means of lighting your home (tomatoes take a large amount of energy to grow), but still cool!

They might also be the perfect thing to power your vegetable synth. [via inhabitat]

6 thoughts on “Tomatoes the new biofuel?

  1. says:

    Please get this right. It’s not hard. This light is no more powered by tomatoes than my laptop is powered by non-aqueous electrolyte. All the energy is in the metals. The tomato is a case mod.

    1. Joshua Hernandez says:

      Listen to the man. He knows his Nernst equations.

  2. MR_DMD says:

    someone can’t come up with a way to make them taste good. The only thing tomatoes are good for these days is throwing.

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