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Lego bricks builders wish they could buy
3x3 curved brick j-spears.png

Since posting about the untimely death of legendary Lego designer nnenn on Thursday, I’ve been systematically browsing through the thousand-plus images in his Flickr stream in my spare time. And I keep having to get up from my chair and walk to the other side of the room to retrieve my socks. Because, you know, they keep getting knocked off.

Lego fall colors leaves.jpg

Anyway, among the many interesting discoveries I’ve made there was a link to the Brick Wishlist Flickr pool, which is a collection of doodles, diagrams, and renderings, made by Lego fans, of elements they wished existed, but do not. These “requests” range from simple color options (as in user d-higdon’s “fall colors” idea for the “leaves” element (#2417), currently available only in green) to what would be (for Lego, anyway) fairly radical departures from convention, like plates with studs on both sides.


8 thoughts on “Lego bricks builders wish they could buy

  1. Makerbot to the rescue!!!
    So how long before we see these on Thingaverse. Actually this would be an awesome contest. Hey Make: and Thingaverse, get on that ;)

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