CRAFT: Bloom
I am obsessed with all flowers. I love peonies, roses, tiger lillies, wildflowers, and orchids equally, and when faced with the decision to choose just a few for my wedding, I balked. My taste in flowers changes from moment to moment, and I truly couldn’t play favorites. So, to avoid conflict, I skipped them all. No flowers. Not a single one. Just ferns. I combined every type of frond I could get my hands on, resulting in a full silhouette and flowing movement. It was the perfect choice. The ferns mirrored my full skirt. They matched the costal forest backdrop. And green is SO my color.
When I posted photos of all the ferns growing in my yard last week, I mentioned that my wedding bouquet was made from only ferns, and have been asked to share a pic. Here it is in all it’s green lusciousness. To create the bouquet, I used a standard holder, and then wrapped the handle in bark covered wire from the floral supply shop. The fronds were easy to work with, and are much less likely to prematurely wilt. Oh, and unlike cattleya orchids, all those ferns cost next to nothing. I will always love my wedding, my marriage, and my unconventional decision to skip the flowers!

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