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Insectoid robotagami!

I really wanted to call this post “scorpiod robotagami,” but after lambasting Wired the other day for failing to count legs, I have to watch my step pretty carefully. (Handy tip for bloggers: DO NOT ANNOY WIRED.) Plus, you know, it really looks more like a praying mantis.

Anyway, Dustin Wallace describes his you-fold-it metal Chimera figure as part human being, part armadillo, and part pill bug. But the one I just ordered is gonna be a scorpion, gorammit, no matter what Dustin or Wired says.


6 thoughts on “Insectoid robotagami!

  1. Protection software says:

    Not sure why you would want to call this figure robotagami since it effectively exists programs to develop origami figures. I doubt the shown one is also created by such a program, or is it?

    Protection software

  2. jonathan ramsey says:

    Pretty. btw: assuming robotagami is meant to indicate “folding robots”, not “paper robots”, you want the “ori” part for folding, not the “kami/gami” part meaning paper. Perhaps “oriroboto”, or the more mellifluous “oriboto”.

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      Thanks for that derivation: “Oriboto.” That is very pretty. “Robotagami” is Dustin’s term, not mine, but I will direct his attention to this comment. “Oriboto” wins.

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