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Open source resistor “CAPTCHA” learning – commenting plugin for WordPress

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One of the projects I wanted to get out the door for years was released today (beta) “Resisty” – It’s a fun way to learn about resistor values by having a commenter on a WordPress blog figure out the correct values before posting. It’s open source, hack away – can be ported to other blog systems and all that.

Next up, solving capacitors for phpBB. It would be cool to see more science, engineering, math and puzzle CAPTCHAs, they don’t need all be boring – they can be fun and interesting to the various communities.

We are thrilled to release a solve-the-resistor CAPTCHA plugin for WordPress! This plugin will draw a random 5% or 10% resistor and four color band sliders beneath it. The commenter needs to match the colors on the sliders to the colors on the resistor. Commenters don’t actually need to know how to read resistors, but this will help them as they post comments on site that use this plugin. Random resistors are generated from E12 and E24 decade values (so there’s never something like a 4.6K Ohm resistor. Plugin created by: Adafruit Industries – Daigo Kawasaki, Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone. It’s open source, so please feel free to use it and improve upon it! Our goal is to teach a little about electronics as people participate online. We’ll see how it goes! You can try it out in the comments on our site right now!


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