Our friends at RoboGames want us to give away two sets of two tickets to the 2010 International RoboGames, happening this weekend at the San Mateo Fairgrounds (San Mateo, CA). To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below — why not tell us which robot competition you’d be most excited to see. We’ll choose two winners by 6 p.m. PDT tomorrow (Thursday, April 22).

The RoboGames folks have also extended a discount offer to all MAKE magazine subscribers and Make: Online readers. Just say that you’re a MAKE reader when you buy your tickets and they’re $18, instead of $20 (or $25 at the door).

2010 International RoboGames
Fri-Sun, Apr 23-25, 2010
Noon-7 p.m.
San Mateo Fairgrounds
Map & directions

Buy tickets now!

28 thoughts on “Want free tickets to the 2010 International RoboGames?

  1. I would want to see pretty much everything. Too much good stuff to actually pick one thing to see. Also I would bring a micromouse for that competition.

  2. I want to see the Kung-Fu competitions, as well as all the other humanoid competitions. I also want to check out the alleged booths as apparently Monty Reed, maker of the LifeSuit, will be there.

  3. Are they having the space elevator competition this year? I hope someone is still working on that. I would like to see all divisions of battle bots. I also like the walking robots.

    I went in 2006 and saw my first balancing bot!! Wow was that way cool. The bot liked red and would follow you if you had red on….

    Firefighting was very cool too….A bot that you do not touch, just turn it loose to go find the flame. What a challenge !!

    I missed the navigation bots, ones that had an outside course to try to navigate…Kinda like the DARPA grand challenge but miniaturized.

    Anyway I have my son this weekend and it would be WAY cool to take him again. He is 13 now so I am sure he will like it a lot more!!

    Also I can not afford tickets AND gas at this point in time. I am trying to get money together so that I can attend Maker Faire. I have only missed 2007 Maker Faire. I still have my signed bad from 2006 when Jamie, Adam and Grant were at the Robot mag booth…

    Sorry a bit long winded….

    Shameless begging here—>> PICK ME !!! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE

  4. I have heard of these “Machine Men” made of Tin. Besides that one in the OZ movie, I have never seen on up close.
    I want to be “Hip” so my grand daughter will like me.

  5. :O I would love to come from Holland! But I guess it doesn’t include a airplane ticket, nor a way to fly arround the ash.

    But why I should win: Being the geek robot constructer of these white guys on the World Championships:

    I would love to see other matches then soccer!!

    Can you win a participating ticket?


  6. I absolutely enjoy the entire event, but the miniature sumo robot challenges just crack me up every time I see them.

  7. digitaltripper



    (Digitaltripper, please send me your email to: gareth AT makezine DOT com. Jim: Email sent.)

    Congrats, guys! Enjoy the event. And feel free to send us some pics, video, event reports!

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