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Australian fairy bread is dazzling to behold. And such a cute, whimsical name, to boot! Apparently it’s a popular treat at kiddie birthday parties in Australia and New Zealand. Sarah at has posted up some helpful tips and purdy pictures of this exotic treat.
Ingredients: Sliced white bread, butter, and rainbow sprinkles (or “hundreds and thousands,” if you’re an Aussie). Good for you? No. But so pretty. I can’t look away.
On a side note, did you know in England they call cupcakes “fairy cakes?”

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8 thoughts on “Australian Fairy Bread

  1. I had no idea that this was unique to Australia! What does the rest of the western world eat at kiddie parties? A childhood [or adulthood for that matter] without fairy bread is unthinkable!! Same goes for hundreds and thousands. Such a better name than sprinkles :)

  2. I’m from the UK originally, my Daddy used to make this for me when i was little and i needed cheering up. ;O) He also used to put Lyles Golden Syrup on top of the butter before he added the hundreds and thousands! Extra naughty! used to always put a smile back on my face though! (probably shortly before i was bouncing off the walls on a sugar high!)

  3. Now I have a craving for fairy bread and no hundreds and thousands in the house. I’m with Tabitha though – I can’t believe this is just an Australian thing!

  4. I’m in the US and have never seen this until recently. Its actually not even that easy to find that type of sprinkles (hundreds and thousands as you call them) over here. I will keep a look out for them. My little ones would love this! My grandma was Australian. I’m surprised we never had this.

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