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Magda Sayeg of Knitta, Please has been hard at work here in Austin. In preparation for Art Week Austin, she’s hit several popular spots in the city. Shown above are her coverings of the Carl Trominski blue signs on Lamar and the sign for Jo’s Coffee on South Congress. You can read more about Magda in the Statesman’s profile of her, and see more of what she’s up to over on her blog. I think I’m going to need to set aside some time for a little field trip to go out and experience all her yarn bombing here in my fair city …
Photo Credit for top to images of Lamar St. signs: Jote of Bless Her Heart, bottom photo: Magda Sayeg.

4 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing in Austin With Magda Sayeg

  1. First, because I know where all that stuff is and can go see it. Which I’m going to do like, right now.
    Second, because I never had any idea what those lame (although “lame” is perhaps temporarily suspended) blue “art” signs on the Lamar underpass were actually called.
    Third, because Austin rules.

  2. I agree with Sean Michael… those blue panels look more like some traffic sign they forgot to teach you about in driver’s ed. than art. Love them “yarned” tho! Wish they could stay that way. And Jo’s looks extra fun now!

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