Open source satellites at Machine Project, Sunday April 25th

The folks at Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA) sent us word on this presentation that’s happening tomorrow:

After three years of research and one year of experience as a satellite engineer, Song Hojun has found that it is possible to launch and operate a personal satellite at a fairly reasonable price. In addition, he has for the past five years been exploring ways to integrate the concept of a personal satellite project into cultural contexts and into his artistic practice.

All the satellite-related systems (except for the rocket to launch it) are DIY programs — designed so that regular people may also have the chance of developing and eventually launching their own.

Join us (last minute!) this Sunday April 25th at 5pm for a presentation by Song, who will have his satellite with him for showing.

For the people who want to study more before they come, they can download Song’s book from Google Books here.

Open Source Satellite Initiative

2 thoughts on “Open source satellites at Machine Project, Sunday April 25th

  1. MadRat says:

    I remember seeing a company that will send you a satellite kit for around eight thousand bucks. That sounds like a lot of money but that includes free shipping and handling… into space that is. A TubeSat won’t stay up long (several months) but if it’s always been your dream to have your own neighborhood space program now’s your chance!

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