I’m going to see this Rod Roddenberry ‘Trek Nation’ documentary the moment it comes out. I’m hoping the maker of the scuba BORG costume reads MAKE and can post some more photos and what went in to it, love it.

4 thoughts on “Homemade scuba-BORG costume in ‘Trek Nation’ documentary trailer

  1. Thank you! I made it. Here’s the story…
    I have been working on this since about 1993. Starting at the top:
    The crown of the head is a child’s baseball helmet spraypainted white to match my face.
    The rest of the head is martial arts padding.
    The left eye of the goggles is a hologram sticker of a spring– it looks really cool when the light hits it right. Attached to the left eyepiece is a battery-operated plasma disc. There is a red LED under the right eye with a cord that runs down my right arm to my right hand with a switch I can trigger with my thumb and forefinger. The right side of the helmet has a green laser pointer– when I’m on stage, you can see the laser beam in the air.
    The chest is bicycle motocross (BMX) gear. There are a series of flashing LEDs on the right side of the chest, and I built a voice modulator onto the left side of the chest that makes me sound like a Borg when I speak (the microphone comes up from the center of the chest to right below my mouth. There is a electronic picture displaying keychain in the middle top of my chest– I loaded different Borg graphics onto it and it cycles through different pictures automatically.
    I’m wearing a black turtleneck that I’ve sewn various Borg parts onto.
    The back of my neck is a small neck fan from Sharper Image.
    The right hand is a modified Nintendo Power Glove/
    The left arm is part of a Sears leaf blower, and a Real Ghostbusters Ghost Grabber claw– the claw opens and closes, and I put a small push-button motor into the left arm so I make a motorized sound when I walk.
    The trunks are hockey pants with more Borg stuff sewn on.
    The right leg is a snow boot, rollerblade padding, and the back of a Darth Vader Tie Fighter wing.
    The left leg is one of those things that protects your foot if you break your ankle and you have to wear a cast, and baseball catcher’s padding.
    Tubing came from Ikea and Boeing Surplus.
    Various Borg parts came from numerous thrift stores (mostly old toys).


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