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TeleMetrum, an open hardware telemetry system for rocketry

Bdale Garbee and Keith Packard are developing a solid-looking open source telemetry system, that they call TeleMetrum. They have a production version available in their shop, and the board design and firmware available for download. It’s got some impressive specs:

  • Recording altimeter for model rocketry
  • Supports dual deployment (can fire 2 ejection charges)
  • 70cm ham-band transceiver for telemetry downlink
  • Barometric pressure sensor good to 45k feet MSL
  • 1-axis high-g accelerometer for motor characterization
  • On-board, integrated GPS receiver
  • On-board non-volatile memory for flight data storage
  • USB for power, configuration, and data recovery
  • Integrated support for LiPo rechargeable batteries
  • Uses LiPo to fire e-matches, optional support for separate pyro battery
  • 2.75 x 1 inch board designed to fit inside 29mm airframe coupler tube

[via antitronics]

8 thoughts on “TeleMetrum, an open hardware telemetry system for rocketry

  1. Dang, if I hadn’t already bought an altimeter I’d be waiting for this one.

    Looks great, I’m also thrilled with the open platform.

    Maybe if I lose my current one at a future launch…

    Well done gentlemen, happy skies!


  2. Nice to see he’s keeping things stirred. His work in the KA9Q NOS networking got me involved in the internet before it became the Internet. KA9Q was a means of sending TCP/IP over radio, never got there, but did use the various shim network card drivers on DOS to enable the use of FTP and all the other features on an internal network before Windows 3.11 started supporting a really nasty TCP/IP stack.

    Look up his contributions to AMSAT, etc. A polymath and real Maker!

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