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Custom engraved bamboo iPhone cases


Portland, OR company Grove makes these customizable (upload your artwork) engraved iPhone cases from bamboo. [Thanks, Michael Mandiberg!]

Commenter Chris notes that the artful designs are laser-etched, but do you think they CNC mill the bamboo into the shape of the iPhone?

16 thoughts on “Custom engraved bamboo iPhone cases

  1. Yep, laser all the way. Notice the square corners, fine lines, and “burnt” interior. A CNC router would take forever too!

    1. From the maker:

      “When we first started making these cases—we’re making them via CNC technology—which is basically a reductive process and you have to hold the piece some how.”

      Or maybe you were just speaking to the engraving, in which case you’re right.

      1. Strictly the engraving. I can only imagine how long it would take my CNC to engrave that art. Oh, and I really like ’em!

  2. Hi Makers.

    The case itself is made via CNC which leaves a negative that can be upcycled into a picture frame, card holder, etc. Uploaded artwork is then laser etched onto the back of the bamboo case, hence the partnership between Ken Tomita ( – wood worker) and Joe Mansfield ( – laser engraver) to form Grove.

    For an excellent presentation of the entire process check out the talk they gave at AIGA Shift: (~6 min)

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