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By Leah Peterson
I’ve loved making jewelry since I was a teen. I’d try to copy anything someone else was wearing and, most times, I’d be able to figure it out. When I saw tassel earrings come down the red carpet worn by Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes earlier this year, I knew I had to have some.
The fun thing is that once you figure out how to make them, you can change it up and make many different styles just by swapping out the findings. The fun is in the variety!

Tasselearrings Image2 Supplies


Findings and spacers
Bead needle


Tasselearrings Image1 Seedbeads
Step 1: When looking for your seed-sized beads, either on strands or loose, keep in mind that it’s easier when the beads are on strands to begin with, as you won’t need to string them on strong nylon or silk thread. If you can’t find them already on strands, just go ahead and string the seed beads, using a very thin bead needle.
Tasselearrings Image3 Ruler
Step 2: Measure as you go, making your strand about 2¼”. Make sure you have about 2″ of extra string on the right side and about 3″ of extra string on the left side.
Tasselearrings Image4 1Knot-1
Step 3: Tie a double knot around the bead farthest to the right to create the strand bottom, leaving about 1″ of extra string below.
Tasselearrings Image6 Threadback
Step 4: Feed the extra string back through a few beads to make it secure. Repeat until you have 7 strands.
Tasselearrings Image7 Strands
Step 5: Gather the strands together by the long strings on the left and tie a double knot about ¾” from the beads. Place the findings and spacers over the knot. The conical bead creates the look we’re after for this tutorial and covers the top of the bead strands, creating a polished and finished look.
Tasselearrings Image8 Threadsknot
Step 6: Hold the strings coming out the top bead, separate the strands into 2 halves, and slip the earlobe finding over one half of the strands. Tie the 2 halves together in a double knot, pulling the entire thing taut. Then feed the strings back down the top finding using a fine bead needle.
Step 7: Trim all the strands you can see. For extra assurance, you can dot clear nail polish or tacky glue over the knots and allow to dry.
Tasselearrings Finished 2
Step 8: Repeat! Make the matching tassel earring. Then wear them out to dinner with a smile.
About the Author:
Author Leah Peterson
Leah Peterson has been published in CRAFT magazine, LAB, JPG, and books including Heather Armstrong’s Things I Learned About My Dad in Therapy. Her paintings have shown in New York City and Los Angeles. Leah is currently a consultant for the Showtime series United States of Tara. Her craft supplies closet is packed full of everything from pipe cleaners to fabric to paint brushes, and the door no longer shuts. Her latest love is hand-stitching quilts.

23 thoughts on “How-To: Tassel Earrings

  1. These are definitely cute, and a nice tutorial too! I just wanted to chime in with a note on stability. I’d be a little cautious with using the pre-strung beads, as they’re not usually strung on beading-quality thread and could easily break on you after moderate wear…
    I’m probably a little over-cautious and always use double strands of beading thread where possible, go through anchor beads 2 or 3 times and try to finish with a dot of glue too. It might be over-zealous, but I hate having pieces break after the fact!

  2. This was great, was wanting some earrings like this. I didn’t quite understand exactly what you do with the string after you strung the beads, was kind of confusing at that part only. A few more pictures would be good. Thanks, I really would like to make these earrings.

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