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G1 gamepad modded from Atari 7800 Joypad

If you just installed the latest Cyanogen beta and you’re unsatisfied with the current game controller options available for the HTC G1/Dream, you might be interested in this mod. YouTube user MrTobiable uploaded the following video of what appears to be a European Atari 7800 Joypad grafted onto the keyboard of a HTC G1/Dream in landscape mode. [via /r/Android]

Joypad in situ:


2 thoughts on “G1 gamepad modded from Atari 7800 Joypad

  1. But those gamepads are SO hard to find nowadays. i mean, the one the 7800 came with originally is more like a doorknob than a joystick. i love the droid’s awesome potential, but please, think of the nostalgists!

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