Ithacka’s box of junk challenge

Have you ever been tempted by one of those grab bags of random ‘tronics components that hobby stores offer? Ithaca, NY hackerspace Ithacka has suggested a challenge where you get one of those bags and turn it into a project!

The challenge calls for buying a $10 BOJ from American Science and Surplus and doing something cool with it. See the rules for more information.

[Box of junk image by Grant Hutchinson]

Editor’s Update: Oh NO they di-int!

The folks at Ithacka tweeted:

@make While we’re at it, we challenge the Makezine staff! #ithackaBOJ

Consider your challenge accepted, “Ithacka” (if that’s what you insist on calling yourself). All your box (o’ junk) are belong to us! — Gareth

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