Plush “Backup” GI Tract For Crohn’s Patient

Last Friday, I posted a question on our Facebook page asking what people would be making over the weekend. We had loads of great responses, several of which caught my eye. I followed up with Crysta of On the Verge to learn a little more about the project she mentioned she’d be working on: a plush “backup” GI Tract for a friend who was undergoing surgery for Crohn’s disease. I have a cousin and a close friend with Crohn’s and can only imagine how difficult it is to live with the disease. Levity can go a long way for improving someone’s spirits, and that’s just what this project did for Crysta’s friend.

My friend Laura has been battling Crohn’s disease, and recently came through (hopefully) her last surgery. One day, while we were chatting about crafts, she said to me, “I wish someone would make me a new colon!” I immediately knew what I had to do.

Crysta’s friend reported that since she displayed the plush GI Tract in her hospital room, every nurse has come by to check it out. You can read more about the project (including a hilarious anecdote about the appendix) over on Crysta’s blog. Be sure to stop by our Facebook page to fill us in on what you’re making this weekend. We love to hear all about it!

10 thoughts on “Plush “Backup” GI Tract For Crohn’s Patient

  1. I lost my colon to UC about 15 years ago (oh my, 15 years?) so I totally feel for her friend. Bravo for the levity! Friends with senses of humor help more than you can imagine!

  2. My GF & I made a mock birth announcement for my colon when I had surgery a few years back. Though now that I think of it, a coming out announcement would make more sense!

  3. Thanks for posting this – it made my day! I have Crohn’s and would love it if someone made this for me – and it would be fun to make myself too.

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