Japanese roboticists Dr. Masaaki Kumagai and Takaya Ochiai built this impressive self-balancing robot. Called BallIP, or Ball Inverted Pendulum, it balances on a bowling ball, and is able to travel laterally as well as forward and backward, due to its omnidirectional drive train. It apparently uses both gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect its inclination, and works in a similar manner to an inverted pendulum robot. [via boingboing]

6 thoughts on “Robot learns to balance on ball, bears facing unemployment

  1. This is really well done.

    I made an inverted pendulum balancing robot. It worked reasonably well but I needed to do some more PID tuning. Then I got a new dog, Prometheus. He got a little sick one week and pooped ALL over it. It ended up in the trash, the whole thing. Needless to say, the one photograph I have of the project is not um, “suitable” to post on my blog.

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