NXTexas, a Lego Mindstorms Texas Hold ‘Em dealer

This clever NXT robot detects the number of players at the table and deals them their hands face down, then when prompted at the conclusion of each round of betting deals the flop, turn and river cards face up. More information — mostly in German — available on Google Code.... Read more »

Creative reuse design contest

Inhabitat has just launched their annual "Spring Greening" creative reuse contest. There's a $250 prize for the best example of "clever, creative reuse of old objects or materials that might otherwise be collecting dust." Deadline is midnight East Coast time on May 3. [Thanks, Mike!] Read more »

How-To: Felt Dahlia Corsage

Megan of Not Martha created this amazing felt dahlia brooch tutorial for Holidash. It’s geared toward a Mother’s Day project (including a wee pocket on the back for a picture of your kiddo) but it would make a gorgeous accessory for any occasion. Get the full details on how it’s... Read more »

G1 gamepad modded from Atari 7800 Joypad

If you just installed the latest Cyanogen beta and you're unsatisfied with the current game controller options available, you might be interested in this mod. YouTube user MrTobiable uploaded the following video of what appears to be a European Atari 7800 Joypad grafted onto the keyboard of a HTC G1/Dream... Read more »

16-plus terabyte small form factor PC

Will Urbina built a 16+ TB computer inside of a SFF case (the mobo is a Quanmax Industrial KEEX-2030 Atom 3.5″). I found the two-part video both fascinating and a tad over-long. I do love watching fabrication vids like this, especially when it involves tools and processes with which I’m... Read more »

Inhabitat’s Spring Greening Competition

Showcase your clever reuse of old objects in Inhabitat’s Spring Greening Competition. Deadline for entries is May 3rd at 11:59pm. From the site: To enter, upload up to 3 photos of your clever, creative reuse of old objects or materials that might otherwise be collecting dust. We are looking for... Read more »

World’s smallest car

Smart Car too big for you? Too much of a road hog? Gas guzzler? What you need is a real “microcar,” like a Peel Trident or a Peel P50. These strange little cars were made by Peel Engineering, on the Isle of Man, in the 1960s — most ran on... Read more »