The Twin Cities’ communal workshop, the Hack Factory, bought a MakerBot CupCake 3D printer. Working for about six hours, some of my cohorts assembled the X and Y stages and partially installed the assembly in the body. With any luck we’ll be printing this time next week.

We’re all excited to finally have a 3D printer in the shop. I myself have a backlog of awesome projects that I want to print:

• Ball-chain gears… any kind of gear is good!

• I have no specific project in mind for this Geneva wheel but it’s super cool.

• Mini Dremel lathe!

• This Arduino case looks super handy.

• This printable Dremel mount looks like it has potential.

• Modular boxes would be great for storing small things…

• I’ve been eager to do a test print of Andrew Plumb’s Lego clones.

• These Animal pentominoes look really awesome.

• Mendel parts: The promise of cheap fabs is that one could theoretically print a large percentage — maybe even one day ALL — of another 3D printer.

• These Mechanum wheels look like an awesome addition to a robot project.