The $30 all-you-can-eat data plan from AT&T for the iPad 3G is pretty decent considering it’s a data-only plan. But what if you’re in another country or on another carrier? You’d think this would be easy, the iPad 3G being an unlocked GSM device, right? Not so fast. Apple isn’t going to make it that easy for you to switch. Sure, it’s unlocked, and it’s GSM, but you’re going to have to find yourself a MicroSIM from your carrier if you want to use it with your new iPad 3G. Frustrating, huh?


It’s not as bad as it seems, though. A GSM MicroSIM is pin compatible with a standard SIM. All you have to do is trim away the excess material and you’ll have yourself a DIY MicroSIM. Now you can use your $5.99 T-Mobile EDGE plan or hop on to Vodaphone if you’re abroad.