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DIY shoulder rig for DSLR video, with clever focus puller

In this video and at this site, annoyingly good-looking Swedish videographer Jonathan Bergqvist details the construction of this clever shoulder-mount device for shooting video with a DSLR. Designed by Jonathan and his father Erik, the rig itself is made out of birch and includes a manual focus puller, actuated by twisting the left handle, that is hacked together from R/C control rod parts and a hose clamp.


6 thoughts on “DIY shoulder rig for DSLR video, with clever focus puller

  1. Felisha Anne says:

    I’m not sure what blows me away about this project more, the good looking gentleman, the mount or the hugely talented father hewing this piece of art out of a bent stick. Awesome job and really enjoyed the quality of the video on this project.

    Felisha Anne

  2. datalaforge says:

    I want that dad!

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