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Our pal Fra Fondi, who’s keeping an eye out for us for R/C-related content, in support of our Volume 22 release, sent us this link. The Gadget Show cast seems perhaps a bit too scripted with the over-the-top enthusiasm, but the R/C cars, the jumps, and the record-breaking are pretty cool.

Vorza Flux HP RC car blasts the Guinness Long Jump World Record

From the pages of MAKE:

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12 thoughts on “R/C car blasts Guinness Long Jump World Record

  1. My view on this was kinda harsh.

    I think while it was so-setup. I believe in Guinness.
    I think if they’d had more of an audience it’d have draw away from the accuracy, but I believe anything worth putting into a max record deserves more bi-standers. I think if they’d had a few kids in the mix it wouldn’t have seems so 40 years-olds with nothing better to do while on a TV show.

    As said to me once. fun is for the young, and this didn’t seem to me like anyone was young except at heart. I think it missed the point of R/C cars. (the whole adult riding a $.25 horse. outside a shopping center.)

    While shameless. It deserved notice.

  2. none of that made sense.
    Fun is not for kids only. Should all adults just work and do nothing else?
    Also the R/C community is at present a largely older male phenomenon–not many kids can part with $1k for a modest setup.
    You must also think adults are not allowed to play video games and eat cereal.

  3. well at least you got to watch the video! It’s blocked in the UK (possibly elsewhere too) because the video “Contains content from Channel 5 who have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”.


  4. “Perhaps a bit too scripted with the over-the-top enthusiasm”. That describes most television these days doesn’t it?

    I think I prefer old TV. Like James Burke’s ‘Connections’ or Tim Hunkin’s ‘The secret life of machines’. They don’t have so much of that “we’re all on drugs” feel. The latter is just a couple of mad blokes making stuff in their sheds. That’s what made Britain great!

    I should probably throw a get of my lawn in there somewhere.

      1. I agree some things are missed, and I’m afraid it’s easier to just feel it was over-done rather than drugged up happy people. I also want to state that Don’t forget if children are not being immersed into the jollies of R/C cars/planes they’d be nothing but a Geek toy.

        though it was still nice

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