I walked into my local thrift store, The Legacy, at precisely the perfect moment because they were just unwrapping these stunning handmade beaded flowers. The Legacy is specifically a craft and fabric shop, with fabric by the pound, an entire wall of notions, and many amazing unfinished projects. Even better, everything they sell benefits the Sebastopol Area Senior Center. I snagged this beauty for $1.00!!! I have no idea what I’ll do with it yet, but that’s O.K, right? So, what have you scored on crafty thrifting adventures lately? Please share!

4 thoughts on “Beaded Flower Thrift Store Score

  1. That’s a great find! I scored a very big bag of sweaters froma thrift shop that was closing down yesterday… There must be about 45 sweaters in there, to me it’s an absolute treasure chest and I can’t wait to start cutting, redesigning and sewing them to create new coats, garments and accessories!
    If you’d like to see what I make, please check out my new blog at
    I’ve just started publishing free recycle/upcycle tutorials there!

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