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I love the flashy, wild aesthetic of Owlita feather earrings. What’s even cooler is the story behind the company: a classic crafter gone pro. The site’s About page tells the story of founder and chief designer Ashley Doty:

Born and raised in Oregon, Ashley began defining her creativity at an early age. Always a dreamer with a deep appreciation for art, fashion, travel & mystic cultures; Ashley’s art expression emerged into a career in the year of 2007.

Ashley’s hobby soon became a full-scale production, overtaking her entire kitchen–much to the dismay of her housemates. In August of 2008, Ashley had the opportunity to attend POOL TRADESHOW with clothing company, Rise Up International; where she showcased a small collection of earrings. The jewelry was so well received…a new full-time job emerged.

Ashley cultivated feathered creations drawing inspiration from her own backyard, where an owl resided in the tree next to her bedroom window. Today, production has moved from her kitchen table to her Portland Oregon studio that serves over 40 accounts in top cities internationally & across the nation.

And now she has the likes of Erykah Badu rockin her earrings. Inspirational! Check out Owlita’s full line on their site. And to make your own feather earrings, check out the Craftzine Super Fly Feather Earrings tutorial by Sara K. Woll.