Dale was on NBC’s Press:Here this morning, talking about the upcoming Maker Faire Bay Area, MAKE magazine, the maker movement in general and its larger import. (Dale in a suit — worth the price of admission.)

You can see the other portions of the episode on the link below.


4 thoughts on “Dale Dougherty on Press:Here, talking Maker Faire

  1. Dale presents a perfect introduction to our DIY culture here – it’s coexistence/duality with popular closed platforms, how it grows from people playing and discovering new abilities. Makes me proud!

  2. One thing that really stuck out while watching this show was how the guests with Dale couldn’t get past the money angle. It was like a wall they didn’t see a way around–they just couldn’t understand why people would make things without some kind of payday expectation.

    It sounded so much like the old, incorrect ideas that were thrown around about Linux and open source coders from years ago–that they were overgrown men living in their parents basement and while they might produce toys, we need to leave the real coding to enterprise software shops. Well, we all know how that turned out.

    I also wish Dale would’ve made what I think is the bigger point about warranty voiding, which is simply taking an object which we own and doing what we want with it, completely disregarding the silly notion that we need to get permission to do so from the company that made it or sold it.

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