MAKE pal I-Wei Huang, aka Crabfu, was a contributor to the current issue of MAKE, Volume 22. We picked his brain for my “Remote Control State of the Art” piece and he reviewed the amazing Killer Krawler, from RC4WD, for the “Toolbox” section. We asked him to toss some more cool R/C content our way and he sent us this video review. — Gareth

In this follow-up review, I decided to cover Killer Krawler’s little brother, the Bully. It’s a 1/10 scale (compared to 1/5 and 1/6 of the Krawler), and it’s really an amazing machine, as I hope the video will demonstrate.

Here are the RTR, and ARTR versions of the Bully. But for this review, I converted it to four-wheel steering, with the Rock Crawler radio system. Below are additional parts used in this rig:

Rock Crawler Radio
Mayhem Steering Servos
Additional Front Axel
Steering Kit


From the pages of MAKE:

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