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Strange Russian “local globe” DIY phenomenon
local globe 01 copy.jpg

From the always-entertaining English Яussia:

In Russia and other post Soviet countries there were a real craze on independence after they finally got it with USSR collapse. Sometimes this took some weird forms like, for example, making the globes of their own country. Yes, those were just like regular globes we used to see on geography classes but instead the whole world only their own country was mapped on it.

If you’re feeling similarly solipsistic about your own state, town, city, or house, the tutorial goes on to explain how to use a free-to-try Photoshop plug-in called Flexify to roll your own. I can imagine that one might actually make money selling “Texas Globes” at truck stops around the state. Or “Manhattan Globes” in Battery Park. [Thanks, Billy Baque!]



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