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I love it when I can work with folks, of all ages, who love to sit down and try their hands at something new. The teens involved with the Detroit Public Library’s HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) program are just those types of folks. Handmade Detroit will be teaching some soon-to-be-sewers the tricks of the trade this weekend while I’m at Maker Faire – here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll be working on… fabric scrap iPod cozies!
This is a simple project and a great way to show friends and family members that hand sewing isn’t a hard skill to master. Beware – this project is basic! But I think it gets the creative juices flowing. For my sample case, I used some thicker scrap felt, leftover ribbons, and a few old buttons I found in my craft closet. You can decorate this however you like. Get yourself a needle, some thread, and some pinkers and you’re good to go.

Start out with your device (could be your cell phone, a non-iPod, etc.). I folded the felt over the iPod to see where I wanted it and cut down the fabric to a more workable piece.
From there, I pinched the fabric together on either side, to see how snug I wanted my lil’ iPod to be, marked my cutting lines and pinked my piece. Using a very fast running stitch, I worked my way around the edges, making sure to keep everything tight.
To close the flap, you can use a number of methods, such as using a piece of Velcro to secure it, but I wanted to use ribbon. Granted, this isn’t very practical if this was a cell phone holder, but it will do the job for my iPod. I cut a long piece of ribbon and wrapped it loosely around my pocket. I tacked the ribbon down in one spot on the front of the flap, adding a button for flair. I repeated this a second time right next to the first piece of ribbon.
There you have it! Tie it up and toss it in your bag.

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