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Ramiro Pareja Veredas of Spain wanted a business card that would make an impression. His creation can be converted into a USB drive by punching out two of the corners. It can store data, works as an oscilloscope, datalogger and PIC trainer, and packs the CPU power of a Spectrum ZX. Here are the specs:

  • 16 bits microcontroller PIC 24FJ64GB002 @ 32 MHz (16 MIPS)
  • 64 KB of Flash and 8KB of RAM. External SPI or I2C memory optional (up to 32MB)
  • Up to 11 digital I/Os available (Four of them tolerant to 5 volts)
  • Up to 4 analog channels.
  • ICSP port for debugging and programming. The 3 pins of the ICSP connector can be also used as GP I/Os.

Note: The project site seems to have gotten hijacked. I will restore the link when the website is back in order. Sorry for the inconvenience!


10 thoughts on “PCB business card

  1. This is a wonderful idea of taking the business card beyond the informational and making it functional as well. Wish that I had the design and engineering chops to do something like this as well.

      1. Nope. After a few tries, I got this:

        “Welcome to Tech For Fun
        My hosting has shut down my site because I overpassed the bandwidth limit (Tons of visits from Make Magazine, Hack a day, Gizmodo, etc). And instead of contact me… they decided to redirect my site to a spam-web!
        I have paid them for a “premium hosting” without Bandwidth limits but they need several hours to activate the hosting. Meanwhile I have rescued a old mirror, so you can read it.”

        I got a 404 not found for the earlier link. Worked before.


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