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Inspired by a woodpecker, Natalie Duckett made this Alarming Clock to help signal when you should wake up and go to sleep. It has two interchangeable ‘beaks’, to let you configure what the alarm will sound like. I like the simplicity of the concept, and how pretty the resulting sound is. Not recommended for use by those mourning for lost lovers while studying ancient tomes. [via theo’s gallimaufry]

4 thoughts on “Woodpecker alarm clock wakes by rapping, rapping at your chamber door

    1. Oh, I get it! So if you make an alarm that sounds like a bird, it will wake your cat, which will then wake you…

      Or perhaps you could get a bird, and rig up a machine to pull a blanket off of it’s cage in the morning, which will then cause it to wake, then waking your cat, and finally you… The possibilities are endless!

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