This adorable wedding ensemble kind of makes me want to go back and have a wedding do-over. Bride, Jillian, created not only her dress, but also her bouquet and shoes.

Jillian made her own dress, including the pattern for it. She deconstructed a vintage dress to create a pattern for the bodice (the green part); sewed that, and then crocheted doilies madly for three weeks straight. She used over two miles of crochet yarn. Apparently they were still working on the dress the morning of the wedding (!) and Jillian had to be sewn into it, Project Runway style.

Read more about the other DIY elements of this beautiful mountain-top wedding over on 100 Layer Cake. [via @LionBrandYarn]

25 thoughts on “Crochet Doily Wedding Dress

  1. can we see some more views of the dress? that is beautiful, and I’ve been thinking that I want to crochet and sew my wedding dress and under-dress (50’s style).

  2. Does she have any sort of pattern or directions or tips on how to make your own version of this dress? I LOVE it and would definitely love to create my own!

  3. I have a fan on my Just A Couple Of Knitwits page on facebook who would love this dress for her wedding..any chance of getting a pattern for at all??thanks Rebecca

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