DumpsterWorld – “social network” for dumpster diving

Pt 1059

DumpsterWorld “social network” for dumpster diving… BtB.


Q: I don’t understand why people want to take things from the trash. You must not be homeless, because you own computers. Why do you dumpster dive?

Most people don’t understand how many useful resources are thrown in the garbage every day. Dumpster diving provides us with all kinds of free goods. Not only do we have homes and computers, some of us have homes full of stuff like COMPUTERS FROM DUMPSTERS. I bet you would take a free computer, if you had the chance. We don’t dumpster dive because we’re desperate, but because it’s a smart choice. Some of our reasons include:

  • Saving and making more money
  • Having more freedom by being less dependent on money
  • Helping other people by sharing what we find
  • Reducing waste to help the environment
  • Because treasure hunting is fun.

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