This YouTube ‘commercial’ for the unreleased Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter has ‘maker’ all over it. Get an idea, shoot a slick video, throw in a funky beat, share on the web. Is this the future of maker businesses? The idea is neat — RC that you don’t have to control via IR; as long your phone and the drone are in wifi hotspots, you can control it. [via Beyond The Beyond]

6 thoughts on “Parrot drone video has the DIY feel

  1. now just add gps, and allow to use two screens, one for pilotting, and one for an overview of where its flying, even asa model. so that say one can put waypoints and/or do the pilotting, and in a bigger version, add a turret, so the other controls the turret. and give it an ardu pilot, home beaken. so in case it runs outof energy it flows back. that would be cool. Cooler perhaps if you make it real bigger and make it V-22 like.

  2. Make this drone able to deliver paper documents, or whatever homing pigeons did. This ain’t Santa Claus and his reindeer, but it could be.

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