Solid titanium dead drop spike

Brain Dereu of Hollow Spy Coins has done it again. As if the solid stainless steel version of their original aluminum dead drop spike I recently blogged about weren’t cool enough by itself, the Dereu family is now offering the same product machined in solid freaking titanium. Incredibly, they’re selling it for exactly the same price as the stainless steel version.


4 thoughts on “Solid titanium dead drop spike

  1. I don’t know why, but ever since i saw the the first post about this gadget, my first thought was, that this is used to drop items out of aircrafts or other flying objects. Considering the fact that it would be hard to hit a pre-aranged “target” and it would be way to dangerous to use in inhabitated locations. Yet, every time i see the picture of this “vampire slayer” my first thought will be picturing this spike, piercing the ground at high speed.
    Anybody tested the toughness of this? Realy would like to see a picture of it, after a high velocity impact.

    Greets from (Eurovision wining country) germany and apologies for my rusted english ;)

    1. What you are talking about are called Flechettes or Lazy Dog Bombs. I can’t find any info about how well they work…

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