Solar & astrophysics test engineer Hank Hancock saw a comment on our Mini-Trebuchet post about how to improve the throw distance, and put up his hand to try it out. We sent him a kit, he’ll be building and documenting the before-and-after effects of adding wheels to the design.

His first update is on putting the stock kit together.

Recieved the kit last week and finally was able to get started today, with the help on my daughter, Melissa, and her boyfriend, Sam. Photo shows the kit as it comes out of the box. Since we had the three of us, I had the teenagers remove the pieces while I got started on removing the tabs left over. A simple sanding with an emery board (regular sandpaper will do) made quick work of it.

Once the pieces were loose, the Sam & Melissa began gluing parts together. The entire process probably took all of about one hour.


Even though we followed the directions for making the basket, it did not seem to work as well as I wanted. To help the basket hold the projectile, we added some staples to give it a more “bowl” shape. I think I might find myself a small piece of cloth or leather to make the basket out of, instead of the netting that is provided in the kit.

Looking good, Hank, we can’t wait to see more!

In the Maker Shed


Mini-Trebuchet kit in the Maker Shed