Want to help bees in your area? Sarah Peebles writes in:

Create you own “bee house” for wild, solitary-nesting bees. Solitary Dream Homes showcases local bee houses, sculptures and other structures which re-imagine the “mason bee box” as a compelling, inventive and functional nesting space for all local species of wild, tunnel-nesting (solitary) bees, however simple or complex. This initiative features an ongoing photo gallery at our SDH Flickr page, and an upcoming display/sale of bee dreamhouses by Toronto-based artists at The Pollinator Festival June 27 at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, Canada.

Learn to make your own easy bee house with this handy PDF.

Also check out Sarah’s “Deluxe Log” and “Bee Plank” projects in collaboration with John Kuisma and Rob Cruickshank, which are “amplified habitat sculptures for solitary bees and wasps.” They let you listen to bees!