Typewriter repairmen on Wired

Typewriter repairmen on Wired

In Wired’s “Raw File,” they have a charming piece about typewriter repair shops and repairmen, profiling three shops in the Bay Area:

Despite these inefficiencies, there are a few places where typewriters still clack away. New York City police stations, the desks of a few stubborn hangers-on, and, increasingly, the apartments of hip young people who have a fetish for the retro. Mechanical devices with a lot of moving parts, typewriters require maintenance by technicians with specialized knowledge and years of experience. A surprising number of people still make their living meeting that demand.

Photos: Jon Snyder/Wired.com

Meet the Last Generation of Typewriter Repairmen


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  1. Adam E says:

    Typewriters are also used by administrators in my office who need to type certain kinds of documents, prepare basic ID cards, and prepare carbon copies. It’s not everyday, but they are necessary because certain kinds of documents and paper thicknesses are just not amenable to printers yet.

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