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Ceramic seed grenade

At almost $15 US apiece, plus shipping from the UK, you won’t catch me smashing too many of these seed-laden ceramic pineapples in the near future. Give me a half-dozen at that price, packed in hay inside a roughly-stenciled wooden crate (“HAND GRENADE, FLOWER SEED, 6CT, NOT FOR EXPORT”), and we’ll talk. Still, pretty appealing concept–you got the flower power, the military cool factor, and the visceral appeal of smashing a ceramic pot all rolled into one.

Update: Woops! Looks like I got the pricing wrong. €12 actually gets you three of these puppies, which seems a bit more reasonable. Sorry flower grenade maker people!

6 thoughts on “Ceramic seed grenade

  1. Seems like it’d be pretty ripe for a remake. Two two-part molds (one for the body, one for the cap), some sort of water-soluble plaster for the grenades, fill it with seed and soil and glue the cap on.

    I’ve got a cousin that sells produce at a farmer’s market. I’m sure these would go like hotcakes there.

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