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Laser living room set

UK design collective UnitedVisualArtists created this careful arrangement of lasers, mirrors, and other optical elements (plus a fog generator) to produce a Tron-y room full of intangible furniture. It’s part of an exhibit called Speed of Light. I hope they set up their next display in a church so I can blog it under the headline “Pew-pew-pews.” [via Geekologie]

Array and Constellation projects create forests of light in public space

4 thoughts on “Laser living room set

  1. That’s pretty darn cool. I wish there was a way to make it tangible, *and* comfortable.

    Also, +5 awesome for the “Pew-Pew Pews” title.

  2. As a theatrical set builder & designer, I would love to see a script that could use this visual treatment!

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