I met Kent Weakley and his son Lucas at Maker Faire this year — a couple of really nice guys who got there a day early (as Maker Faire Boosters) for a look behind the scenes. Lucas helped me put together some of my projects while Kent set out with video camera in hand to capture the sights and sounds of the Faire over the next two days.

After the Faire was over I got an email from Kent:

Hi John, Here’s the video from last weekend. Hope you like it. Lucas is on cloud nine still from Maker Faire. I can’t help but think this is a movement that will help establish a whole new generation of creators who might not have otherwise been inspired to do so.

Well we’re on cloud nine enjoying your video, Kent! Thanks for sharing it. If you took video at Maker Faire, share it with us at our video submission page. For his efforts, Kent will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Maker Shed.

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