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Industrial robot arm catapults flaming bowling balls

This is a publicity stunt for a company that makes energy drinks called “Mana” and “Health” packaged to look like WoW or other fantasy-video-game potions. What’s more, we have hit their video of the robot in action before. But I could not resist that fireball photo, and this link has some good technical info about interfacing with the robot, hacking the release mechanism, and framing that awesome night shot using a blinking LED “tracer” bowling ball. Just don’t forget to buy some Mana Energy Potion while you’re there!

10 thoughts on “Industrial robot arm catapults flaming bowling balls

  1. Good pic…but I’m a little disappointed that the ball only went 50 feet*. Especially for someone hustling energy drinks.

    Let’s get some makerbuilt trebuchets and catapults hurling flaming stones, and show these robots who’s boss!

    *yes, I did the pixel measurement conversions; it really is about 50 feet.

  2. I don’t care how far it went, I want one.

    But I think the reason is that those robot arm things just can’t generate that much torque/rotational speed to give it more ooomph.

    1. I even said so and linked to the old post. But I thought the photo alone made it worth re-visiting. Thanks for being a loyal reader, though–most people would not catch that.

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