Want a MakerBot? Now you can just print one! Christian Arnø (Thingiverse member Webca) designed this 3D printed full size MakerBot, constructing the chassis out of glued-together sections of printed plastic instead of laser-cut wood. I can’t imagine this is the most efficient way to build a MakerBot, but it does mean that the Cupcake CNC is now capable of replicating itself! The photos of it look beautiful, though I would love to see some video of it printing. Extra points for the white MakerBot logo on the front.

The RepRap is not the only 3d printer that can replicate itself, now the Makerbot can to.
This Makerbot is made out of approximately 150 individual pieces that is printed on (yes, you guessed it!) a Makerbot.
My Makerbot worked hard every day for about a month straight to finish this project, and I am immensely happy about the end result.

[thanks, Marty!]